Rodoero Marine Coating is a young, trim, Italian company projected into the future with just one clear aim: to produce the best epoxy fillers, the most suitable protection cycles for different supports and the most advanced technology for a safe, environmentally friendly and economical application of these products both on traditional pleasure vessels and on SUPERYACHTS.
Reaching this objective has been an ambitious challenge. It takes know-how, experience, means and specialised human resources who are determined to attain the best results.
Rodoero Marine Coating has all of these elements since its future comes from afar.
Indeed, from 1952 up until today, the premises in Arenzano, close to the port of Genoa, have produced more than SEVEN million litres of epoxy filler, equal to more than 1.5 million m2 of surfaces moulded, and many other paint products on behalf of leading national and multinational chemical companies.
The economic, financial, environmental and technological revolution of the last decade has convinced the shareholders of this historical paint factory to operate directly in certain highly-specialised markets.
That’s why Rodoero Marine Coating S.r.l. was set up.
The team in the laboratories dedicated to research for innovative solutions, the production know-how that over the years has lead to maximum specialisation of the plant, increasing flexibility and rapidity, strict control of all raw materials and every finished product, a revolutionary packaging system, the precision and commercial and administrative agility at the customer’s service and the helpfulness of a well-prepared technical assistance, demonstrate that Rodoero Marine Coating is only formally a new company that wishes to take its experience, reliability, best craftsmanship and good industry of the past into the future.
Rodoero Marine Coating, in the international panorama, is the only producer able to offer its fillers in absolutely innovative packaging.
Indeed, the fillers produced are packaged not only in traditional plastic and metal containers, also in special sheaths in poly-extruded plastic polymer, packed in practical and resistant cardboard boxes.
These “sausages” can be used traditionally, emptying them by hand with a simple and rapid operation, or with a specifically designed and made “Mixing Machine”. In this way the economic advantages for the appliers, boat yards and consequently for the owners are considerable.
Year of study, planning, analysis, tests and investments were needed to reach this revolutionary result in “packaging” and in the extrusion of epoxy fillers.

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