The future of coating is in innovation and the Rodoero Marine Coating “system” responds to this need with:


  • speed and homogeneity in the mixing of the two components which means a crucial saving of time and labour;
  • flexibility in choice of the necessary quantity, without product wastage;
  • ease and rapidity of loading the machine;
  • convenience and simplicity for careful cleaning of the machine;
  • safety for the people employed and a great improvement to the work place;
  • consistent reduction of used packaging to be transported, handled and disposed of for a concrete action of reduction of pollution and disposal.

  • Rodoero Marine Coating’s innovation continues with the aqua cycles studied for the protection of interiors and exteriors which surpass the results of traditional solvent products, with all the well known advantages for man’s health and environmental safeguarding.
    The cycles and products have been formulated to further facilitate the work of designers, boat yards and appliers through rigorous analysis of every type of support.



    Ultraprimer 105



    UltraPrimer 105
    Product code: P11R105
    Universal Epoxy Primer 2:1


    OceanPrimer 115
    Product code: P12R151
    Universal Water Based Epoxy Primers 1:1,5


    AquaPrimer 110
    Product code: P13R110
    Universal Water Based Epoxy Primers 1:1




    Maxiepoxy 210







    High Build Fillers


    MaxiEpoxy 210
    Product code: F21R210
    Ultra Light Epoxy Filler 2:1


    MaxiEpoxy 220
    Product code: F22R220
    Light Epoxy Filler 1:1



    MaxiSmooth 440



    Finishing Fillers


    MaxySmooth 420
    Product code: S31R420
    Finishing Epoxy Filler 2:1


    MaxiSmooth 440
    Product code: S32R440
    Finishing Epoxy Fillers 1:1





    AquaCoat 550




    UltraCoat 630
    Product code: U11R630
    Epoxy Undercoat 2:1


    OceanCoat 302
    Product code: U12R302
    Water Based Epoxy Undercoat 1:1,5


    AquaCoat 550
    Product code: U13R550
    Water Based Epoxy Undercoat 1:1





    MaxiSpray 310



    Special Purpose Epoxy Fillers


    MaxyDeck 660
    Product code: F61R660
    Epoxy Deck Filler 1:1


    MaxiSpray 310
    Product code: F62R310
    Epoxy Spray Filler 3:1


    MaxiFast 330
    Codice prodotto: F23R330
    Fast Curing Epoxy Filler 1:1


    H2Finish 410






    H2Finish 410
    Product code: T50R410
    Water Based Polyurethane Topcoat 4:1


    MaxiSynth 100




    One Component Filler


    MaxiSynt 100
    Product code: S33R100
    Alkyd One Component filler


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